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ARMOV brings you ARARAT

Ararat's debut EP combines the rich sounds of Armenian folk music with contemporary Western music.


Armov started Ararat in 2015 with the aim of combining his Armenian heritage with his love for jazz, metal, and head-banging. 

Ararat aims at making people dance. Ararat wants to combine the sounds of Armenian music with the sounds of the west and demonstrate the beauty in synthesizing multiple genres. The most important factor is groove. If the rhythm and melody doesn't pulsate through your body, we're not interested in playing it. Ararat brings people who love good music together. 

Ararat started with Armov on guitar, Omree Gal-Oz on piano, Santino Tafarella on bass and Ryan McDiarmid on drums. Presently, Ararat features lead guitarist, writer and arranger Armov, vocalist Anna Jalkéus, saxophonist Emilio Mesa, pianist Henry Dickhoff, bassist Henry Beal, and drummer Daniel Beckwith.

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