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The bonus track to Armen-Gurgen Movsesyan's "Ararat" album entitled "Release the Kraken!" is now available for download along with the EP! Click the logo below to check it out!

Ararat is finally releasing their EP first on their official website! The album will be released on iTunes and other platforms soon. For now, check out the info and stream our tunes right here!

April 30, 2016

Ararat is getting over her body-image issues and dressing up for her first ever video shoot.


We're trying our best to hide the extra ten pounds from the camera. Either way, we're going to look very cute for you. There may even be music, so come hang!



April 26, 2016

It's been a long time in the works, but Ararat is in her final stages of production of the self-titled debut album. 

Several musicians have worked on this project, each with their unique contribution to the brutality. There's metal, jazz, fusion...just a whole lot of fun for everyone. We're very excited to share this music with follow metal-heads, thrash enthusiasts and groove aficionados from all over. Miley Cyrus fans might dig it, too.

This is the Official Website for Ararat. Find the latest release and information here!

From left to right: Henry Beal on the slapper, Daniel Beckwith on pies, Emilio Mesa on horns, Anna Jalkéus on pipes, Armen-Gurgen Movsesyan on tickler, Henry Dickhoff on tusks. 

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NEW Album: Ararat EP
Armen Movsesyan music

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